Bring TAH 2 Europe!



Directed by Toby Wilkins


Ethan Embry

Paget Brewster

Paul F. Tompkins

Written by Ben Acker

Produced by Toby Wilkins & Steve Celniker 

Director of Photography Kirk Douglas

Edited by Toby Wilkins

Production Designer Jennifer Spence

Music by New Maximum Donkey & Zoo Street Music



COMEDY BANG! BANG! Episode 203: The Vicar of Yanks

“Two immense stars from the world of music, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic & Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber are on today’s Comedy Bean Bag! After chatting with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber about English accents, The Little Prince, and nautical bed bugs, the Vicar of Yanks himself joins in on the conversation. There will be talk of drugs, what we shouldn’t expect from the next ‘Weird Al’ album, and an intense game of Would You Rather? Homonyms!”


THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR #106: “A Valentine’s Day Beyond Belief”

“The full all-Beyond Belief Valentines Day show from February 14, 2013. Starring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster as those married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle. Also starring Matt Gourley, Amanda Lund, Steve Agee, Natalie Morales, Hal Lublin, Marc Evan Jackson, and Joe Mantegna.

Original music by Eban Schletter (playing theremin) and Benmont Tench (on piano).”

Artwork: Kyle Cummings


: “I burned my beautiful breast, the better one”

Thanks to Josh Malina for this.

(After the TAH 8th anniversary show)

Hey, I’ve created this petition. If you are live in Europe and you want to see the TAH LIVE, please, SIGN IT! Help us to make it happens!! Thx

The beautiful @pagetpaget - #thrillingadventurehour
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 is having fun behind the scenes of !

I really didn’t get the plot of that bit at all and honestly everyone might have been drunk for real, but Paget Brewster was hilarious.

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